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Natural Wild Honey


Net Weight : 1 kg

Benefits of Honey :

  • 100% Natural Wild Honey is a natural anti-oxidant
  • No sugar is added
  • No processing is done
  • Medicinal properties of Nautral Honey like ant-bacterial & anti-fungal properties are known to us since centuries because of Ayurveda.
  • Rich in pollen. Pollen is a good source of anti-oxidant which reduces risk of chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes.
  • Heals wounds
  • Consuming Natural Honey improves digestion
  • Natural wild honey also soothes sore throat
  • Fights infection
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100% Natural Wild Honey straight from farm to your table. The honey is extracted in such a way that there is no harm to the bees as well as ecology. That’s why we say that non-violent methods of honey extraction is used. Honey is natural anti-oxidant. Our honey is 100% Natural that is no processing of honey is done at our end. Hence our honey is rich in pollen.

Thus Honey boosts immunity & acts as a natural supplement. No sugar is added or no processing of Honey is done.

Net Weight : 1 kg

Note : Crystallization of honey is normal, if so place the bottle in warm water so that honey retains its original form. Do not store in refrigerator.

Centre of Science for Villages :

Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) started functioning in 1976 by its founder Chairman and Director Late Dr. Devendra Kumar. The primary goal of the centre has always been to “improve life conditions in the rural areas of India”. CSV actively works in the areas of promoting hygiene and development of alternative approaches of local industries. CSV also trains farmers in non-violent techniques of Honey extraction, thereby generating new income source & jobs for farmers of Central India.This initiative enabled the creation of a local know-how that can be used to create opportunities of jobs, trades, etc. Activities are planned on the basis of the “Swadesi” philosophy that envisioned villages as self-sufficient units or “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. ! :

Founded in 2015, is a social enterprise working relentlessly towards promoting “Made in India” products. Our mission is to create jobs & increase income of the farmers, artisans & other lower income groups. We’re striving to revive the rich, age old Handmade culture & art forms which are at the brink of extinction. ! has partnered with Centre of Science for Villages to provide 100% Natural honey right from Bee keepers to your table. Available in four flavors – Wild honey, Jamun, Ajwain, the flavors are obtained by planting specific flavor plants around the honeycomb & obtaining 100% Natural flavored honey from farms & forests of Central India.


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