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The Loom Story khadi cream printed saree


Saree is an Indian national draping style. Women look graceful in saree if it dropped beautifully. The loom story khadi saree is the best choice for a working woman who always look for newness. We always design saree keeping in mind that how it will be unique and attractive and non repetitive as in market so you will not get such saree in anywhere else. We have in-house set up right from the spinning to the end product. Each and every stage is manufactured by hand not machine so we do not require a large quantity to produce, so we can keep our Quilty maintain for each product.
This saree has a earthen shade of cream dyed with natural color obtained from a fruit Harda (Terminalia) and motif are printed with Alum and Jaggery-iron. It has a cream printed blouse intact.

Fabric – 100% pure khadi, handwoven, block printed in Natural colors


A brand-new, unused and undamaged item that is fully operational and functions as intended.

Thank you for choosing our national fabric – KHADI, which is based on the principle of NO CHEMICAL.

You are unknowingly helping us to save our beautiful nature by using handmade,organic, ecofriendly, khadi product.

Our vision is to promote fashion that is natural, eco-friendly and provides sustainable livelihood on NO CHEMICAL basis.

Our clothes are made from hand-spun, hand woven fabric dyed using organic colors extracted from vegetables, fruits, roots and seeds.

Color content natural sources as per the shades of the garment .

For rest colors we use Ecofriendly Colors. Each of our garment generates employment for six skilled workers right from some who grows cotton to someone who spins, weaves, dyes, prints, and stitches the final garment.We have done our bit to promote eco-friendly fashion.
now it’s your turn.
Please consider it may take time to reach the shipment to you address if the shipping Address is far away from district place. or it is a village.
Thank you.


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