Weswadesi Handmade Products

100% Made In India online shopping website is back to serve you

WeSwadesi, India’s own desi online shopping website is back with a new mission and management to serve you with the same old zeal. A 100% made-in-India initiative that Indian entrepreneurs run to provide a platform for India’s micro and mid-level entrepreneurs who are focused on Made in India products.

100% Made In India

Each and every product that you buy from WeSwadesi is 100% made in India. WeSwadesi products are made by Indian artisans and producers, in India’s local business houses and brought to you by budding entrepreneurs in India. Weswadesi is an Indian enterprise, by the people of India, for the people of India.

WeSwadesi specialises in:

Finest Quality Products

Weswadesi ensures to deliver to you the finest quality products that have been put through rigorous quality checks to match global standards. On Weswadesi, India’s own made-in-India online shopping website, the product images are accurate to the actual product, making sure that you get what you choose.

Support India’s Economy

WeSwadesi is dedicated to boosting the Indian economy by providing a platform for made-in-India products that are crafted and created by micro and mid-level business houses and entrepreneurs of India. Each product that you buy from WeSwadesi, India’s own 100% made-in-India online shopping website, helps India’s economy grow.


WeSwadesi champions the cause of choosing local and Swadesi. Products on Weswadesi’s online shopping website have been sourced and crafted by India’s local business houses. On your next online shopping spree grab this opportunity to support your local entrepreneurs, your local artisans and your local craft. It’s your chance to own your identity and support India’s local business community.


Every small, micro and mid-level Indian business house that Weswadesi associates with, directly or indirectly supports the empowerment and employment of India’s local artisans, craftsmen and producers. Every product that you buy from Weswadesi, goes a long way in
creating an #AatmanirbharBharat.

Local Traditions and Global Trends

Celebrating the best of both worlds! Weswadesi’s 100% made-in-India products match the best of local traditions with global trends. Find the latest fashion trends and a lot more on India’s own swadesi shopping website.

The best marketplace for India’s local small and mid-level business houses Are you a small or mid-level business house looking for a platform that highlights your unique made-in-India identity and the Indian aesthetics of your products? Are you looking for a marketplace that is focused on serving customers looking for made-in-India products?

Weswadesi offers the best marketplace with

  • Made in India focused customer base
  • Made in India focused business growth
  • Smooth on-boarding
  • Innovative business opportunity curated for local businesses

New learning with the same old zeal to serve India

WeSwadesi is grateful to its community of buyers who have helped its growth with their valuable feedback. We promise we have learnt as we have grown. And we promise that we will keep learning in our endeavour to bring you the finest quality ‘made in India’ products.
With new learning and the same old zeal, we are ready to take a fresh new step.