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Benefits of Aroma’s Unique Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

Daily skin care is non-negotiable. Every season challenges your skin in its own way, and so do things like exposure to dust and pollution, the harsh sun, chemical makeup products, and travel to climates that your skin is not used to. Add to this list of troublemakers another list that includes regular stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food, and lifestyle disorders. All of this comes together to rob your skin of its natural glow.

Herbal and Natural Ayurvedic products to the rescue.
Ayurveda holds the key to ancient knowledge on health, medicine and a lot more. This wisdom has been time-tested and its benefits have been reaped by many. Aroma and Weswadesi bring to you these precious and unique Ayurvedic herbal formulas in Aroma Face Wash Cream, Aroma Cucumba Anti Pimples Cream and Aroma Marrow Face Pack. These Ayurvedic skin care products help in effectively fighting skin issues like

  • Pimples
  • Typical Acne
  • Scars
  • Blemishes
  • Suntan
  • Blackheads
  • Unwanted spots
  • Signs of Ageing

3 Unique Ayurvedic Skincare Products

1. Aroma Face Wash Cream
A face wash is a must-have daily skincare essential for everyone under the sun. Aroma herbal Face Wash Cream is made with a blend of rare herbal extracts. The primary objective of a face wash is to cleanse the skin by eliminating impurities, removing dirt, the residue of pollution, and excess oil, as well as washing off the chemical cosmetic products from your skin at the end of the day. Aroma Face Wash Cream does this very effectively, without hampering the natural oil balance of the skin and causing dryness. It also removes dead cells from the skin that make it dull and more prone to problems.

2. Aroma Cucumba Anti-Pimples Cream
Typical acne and pimples can originate on your skin for a number of reasons. Some acne might be just occasional outbursts, while others might stay for longer. Whatever kind of acne it may be, it is never a welcome sight. Aroma Cucumba Anti-Pimples Cream is an effective and unique ayurvedic formula to fight such acne, and smaller bumps on your skin. It is an effective formula to remedy existing acne and pimples, as well as check and control the appearance of pimples and acne again and again. It is a non-greasy cream that also helps treat scars and other skin blemishes.

3. Aroma Marrow Face Pack
Aroma Marrow Face pack can be used regularly as a skincare routine essential. It is a complete product that provides complete and all-around protection to your skin with a natural and herbal unique ayurvedic formula. It helps your skin to deal with and also checks the occurrence of a lot of issues like — signs of skin ageing, effects of sun tan, and black and white heads. The aroma Marrow Face pack is an excellent anti-scar agent. It peels off and heals the remains and marks of pimples, pox, and other scars. Aroma’s unique range of Ayurvedic skin care products are for everyone who is looking to preserve a healthy skin or reverse skin damage without the use of expensive treatments and chemical products.

aroma hair oil

Benefits of Aroma’s Special Ayurvedic Products for your Hair Problems

Is your crowing glory losing some of its shine? You name it —

  • Weak and Dull hair
  • Hair fall
  • Split Ends
  • Premature Greying
  • Dandruff
  • Scalp issues

The list goes on and on. You are not alone. When hair is not well nourished from the inside with the right kind of care and treatment, it is bound to show on the outside. Add to it the harmful effects of daily pollution, harsh chemical cosmetic products, and heat-induced styling. It all comes together as a recipe for disaster.

Herbal and Natural Ayurvedic products to the rescue.

Aroma and WeSwadesi bring to you herbal hair care products that are made using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. These are natural and herbal, original Ayurvedic hair care formulas whose benefits have been proven over time. Ayurvedic treatments are based on nature’s laws and products available in nature, and hence it does not have side effects like those brought about by strong chemical products.

The Best of Aroma’s Herbal and Ayurvedic Hair Care Products.

1. Aroma Triple P.V Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil
Aroma Triple P.V Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil is a blend composition of 23 pure, rich and rare herbs. It is a very effective and beneficial ayurvedic formula in treating dandruff, premature greying of hair, and weak and dull hair. Controls hair fall and treats scalp issues. Have been seen to help cure Alopecia (baldness) too.

How does it work so well? Aroma Triple P.V Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil penetrates into the hair follicles with a deep and regular hair oil massage. It infuses the hair with necessary Vitamins for faster hair growth, bounce and lustre. Aroma Triple P.V Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil also nourishes the hair from within and makes it strong preventing issues like breakage, premature greying, dandruff, and scalp dryness. It makes the hair more resistant to damage and the emergence of split ends. It also makes the hair easier to comb, reducing the chances of hair fall and damage during combing.

2. Aroma Teeladi Ayurvedic Hair Tonic
Whether it is the monsoon or humid indoor spaces, what takes the brunt of this humidity is the hair! Humidity simply means that there is a greater concentration of moisture in the air. This in turn breaks the Hydrogen bonds in the hair and makes it swell a little — hence causing the wavy and frizzy mess that we all dread. Aroma Teeladi Ayurvedic Hair Tonic helps smoothen the hair and make it shine even in a humid ambience. It penetrates hair shafts, nourishes the scalp, retards hair loss and promotes healthy growth. It also fights dandruff and scalp infection & constantly maintains healthy hair condition. Once these issues are arrested, it naturally becomes easier to treat hair fall, split ends, weak and dull hair, and a plethora of other hair-related issues.

3. Aroma Sahanchara-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
A shampoo’s primary job is to wash and clean the hair. In our daily lives, as the hair gets more affected by daily dust and pollution, shampoo becomes the go-to bath essential. But regular wash also washes off the hair’s natural oils and essential nutrients, leaving the hair weak, lifeless, dull and the scalp dehydrated and unhealthy — leading to the massive dandruff problem. Aroma Sahanchara-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is specially created to solve this daily problem. It provides all vital proteins and vitamins necessary to maintain a healthy scalp condition and long, thick, and shiny hair, eliminating infected scalp and all other causes of dandruff from its roots. Aroma Sahanchara-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is the best rich herbal Ayurvedic treatment for fighting dandruff.

Gift yourself the healthiest and safest natural, herbal, Ayurvedic hair treatments with the benefits of Aroma Triple P.V Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil, Aroma Teeladi Ayurvedic Hair Tonic, and Aroma Sahanchara-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Having healthy hair has never been so easy and hassle-free. Try it now!