Find Your Perfect Cotton Shirt: The Ultimate Guide for Making the Right Choice

Seasons change, and so does fashion. But style, comfort, and elegance are timeless. And what can match this timeless comfort and elegance better than India’s own fashion favourite—Cotton! Khadi Cotton is one such fabric that ticks all the boxes on your wishlist.

100% Muslin Khadi Cotton is the answer to all your daily dressing woes.

Muslin Khadi Cotton Shirts from Ecotattva are the perfect choice for long-day wear.

  • It is a breathable fabric: The handmade process creates air pockets in the fabric, which makes it much more breathable than other fabrics, making it easy on the skin when worn for long hours.
  • Thermal regulating: The air pockets in the fabric help in air circulation throughout the fabric, helping the skin stay warm in winter and cool in summer, making it an excellent choice that can be worn all year round.
  • Highly absorbent fabric – Khadi Cotton fabric helps to evaporate moisture quickly and effectively.
  • Non-toxic: Ecotattva Khadi Cotton Shirt is made from naturally grown raw materials. All dyeing and printing are done using plant-based dyes, making this fabric Non-Toxic. Hence, it does not cause rashes and allergies.

Make the right dressing choice with Ecotattva’s 100% Muslin Khadi Cotton Shirts for every occasion.

  • Ecotattva’s Plain and Unicolour Shirts – Full Sleeves and Half Sleeves

Ecotattva offers formal plain shirts for men made with 100% natural muslin khadi cotton. Fashionably forward, these shirts are carefully tailor-made to perfection and are best suited for formal occasions like daily work, meetings, conferences, and formal get-togethers. They exhibit an air of professionalism that is not heavy but rather easy and light, giving your formal and professional meet-ups the perfect combination for success.

Ecotattva ensures that you look your formal and professional best in Ecotattva’s plain Cotton shirts.

Available colours: White, Maroon, Pink, Pistachio, Sky Blue, Light Green, Mehandi, Coral Pink, Grey, Light Orange, Cyan, Yellow, Blue, Bright Red, Navy Blue, Black

  • Ecotattva’s Traditional Print Shirts – Full Sleeves and Half Sleeves

Ecotattva offers casual Khadi Cotton shirts for men with Indian traditional prints. These shirts are handcrafted with 100% muslin khadi cotton using sustainable, eco-friendly methods. Khadi, an epitome of the traditional arts of India, is a proven natural product that enables conscious fashionistas to make responsible and planet-friendly choices for their wardrobe. The traditional prints on the shirts are done by hand by skilled Indian artisans using non-toxic plant-based dyes that cause no harm to the skin. The pure fabric is tailored to global competitive fashion standards, giving you the best comfortable fashion wear.

These hand-printed casual shirts in full sleeves and half sleeves are best suited for informal parties and gatherings. You may pair the Cotton shirt with casual pants for a casual occasion or a traditional dhoti for a traditional occasion. Stand out among your folks and peers with your fashion choices with Ecotattva Khadi Cotton traditional print shirts.

Available colours: Military Green, Aqua Blue, Off-White, Peach, Black, Blueprint over White, Grey print over White, Black print over Dark Blue, Black print over White, Black print over Reddish-Pink, Black print over Light Aqua Blue, Black print over Dark Aqua Blue

  • Ecotattva’s Unique Print Shirts

Exclusive from the artisans of Ecotattva, a unique collection of 100% natural muslin khadi cotton shirts for men inspired by nature. You may now wear your love for nature and sustainable fashion on your sleeves, quite literally! Khadi is the solution for a fashion industry that is grappling with an increasing carbon footprint. These nature-inspired khadi shirts are hand-spun and hand-woven using zero electricity and 80% less water. They are dyed and printed by hand using natural plant-based dyes, hence causing no skin irritation or chemical hazards. These shirts are best paired with a pair of casual pants or denim. Look unique with Ecotattva Khadi cotton shirts in unique, nature-inspired prints.

Available colours: Grey neem leaf print over White, Brown leaf print over White, Dark Grey leaf print over Light Grey, Orange rust print over White, Indigo maple leaf print over White, Maroon grass print over White, Woven Light Blue Checks

Order Ecotattva Khadi Cotton shirts today and look your best every day!


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